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Our help centre provides you with information and answers to frequently asked questions.

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What does “wearing contact lenses successfully” mean?

A successful contact lens wearer is somebody who puts their contact lenses in the morning in and takes them out again in the evening before going to bed. They do not even notice the lenses while wearing them, never mind feel they are a foreign body or that their eyes have been irritated or damaged. A successful contact lens wearer sees at least as well with their lenses as with their glasses. (Exception: corneal irregularities of over 1.25 dioptres).

How often should contact lenses and eyes be checked?

Once your lenses have been fitted, your eyes and the values of your lenses should be checked once a year by a qualified optician, to ensure your eyes remain as healthy as possible. (You can find qualified opticians recommended by us on the start page of our online store.)

Frequent reasons for losing or damaging contact lenses

It’s easy to lose contact lenses when they fall off your finger, stick to your finger when you’re taking them out, or when you think you’ve put them in their case but haven’t. Always check that your lenses are actually in their container! The most frequent case of damage to contact lenses is rough handling. Contact lenses often get caught between the lid and the container when they’re being put in their case.

Should I have a supply of spare contact lenses?

We recommend carrying replacement contact lenses with you at all times. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble, especially if you’re dependent on them.

Do bifocal contact lenses exist?

There are bifocal lenses which are specifically designed for people with presbyopia (this condition usually develops around the age of 45). As with bifocal glasses, they enable you to see objects positioned both close to you and further away clearly.

Do coloured contact lenses exist as well?

Sure. mclinsen.ch has a privileged relationship with coloured contact lenses, because all the coloured lenses in existence today are based on a patent granted to the company’s co-owner, Jacqueline Urbach. Coloured lenses are more popular now than ever.
From a practical point of view, it is important to remember that coloured lenses need to be fitted and checked by a specialist too. The lenses still have to suit the eyes they’re helping, and the correct parameters have to be calculated if the patient is to wear them successfully. The effect of a colour on the eye is often different to how the wearer has imagined or how it has been portrayed in a picture. Colours vary a huge amount from product to product.

Is there an ideal age for wearing contact lenses?

There isn’t an ideal age for wearing contact lenses. Generally, it is easiest to start wearing contact lenses at as early an age as possible. It is usually more difficult to fit contact lenses instead of glasses in the case of children.