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When there’s a great variety of cleaning and care products available as there is in the case of contact lenses, it is often difficult for the average person to find the right system. There are basically two sorts of system that can be used to look after soft lenses: peroxide and all-in-one solutions.

Peroxide systems

Peroxide systems are two-phase systems and contain hydrogen peroxide. After the lenses have been disinfected in peroxide they need to neutralised. Most of the peroxide systems available today come with a lens container that has a neutralising catalytic disc or with neutralising tablets (Oxysept).

All-in-one systems

All-in-one systems have been around for a number of years. They are becoming more and more popular, because they are easier to use. The most innovative products contain additives like hyaluronan (DLENS), which make contact lenses more comfortable to wear and clean them more effectively. The alternative systems (like Optifree Express, B & L Renu MPS and our d-lens) are designed for 14-day lenses and are significantly cheaper. As lenses are not used for long, you don’t necessarily need to a premium product to look after them.


For monthly lenses recommend newer products such as Optifree Replenish, Amo Complete, B&L Renu Multiplus, Ciba Solocare, B&L Biotrue and our DLENS with hyaluron.

The disadvantage (along with higher prices) of peroxide systems is that they take at least six hours to clean lenses. If you ever forget to allow the peroxide to be neutralised when it is cleaning your lenses, it will burn and irritate your eyes severely when you reinsert your lenses. The advantage peroxide systems advertised by manufacturers, namely that they clean contact lenses more thoroughly, has virtually become invalid with the development of the new all-in-one systems.

In our two own-products, DLENS and DLENS Hyaluron, we offer two systems that are practically compatible with all all-in-one systems. Thanks to in-house production, they can be up to 50% cheaper than other products. d-lens is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Lapis Lazuli Int. NV in Holland. On 10th April 2010, Stiftung Warentest said, “The cheapest all-in-one care solution for soft contact lenses that disinfects ‘very well’ is made by Lapis Lazuli.”